Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funny How It Is

Few quick things...
First: Brand Plug. Agh I have loved Stretsis ('sisters' spelled backwards) since the first time I saw Bridgit on Fashionista diaries walk into her interview with Seventh House PR firm in an adorable frock with glasses printed in the pocket. I had honestly kinda forgotten about them till the other day when they popped in my mind. And thank God they did. Their new collection for S/S 09 titled, "Rebellious Sweethearts" is the perfect culmination of girly and geeky. In short, I AM IN LOVE. So I pretty much just wanted to put in a quick plug for them.
Second: I'm trying to get better about documenting the things I wear, and I happened to take a picture (another myspace style) of what I wore on Sunday. This time, with a camera phone. I know.. ridiculous. But the dress I'm wearing is really cool... it's reversible. The other side of the dress has three giant monarch butterflies printed on it. I'm not entirely sure who the dress is by, since I haven't been able to locate the label yet. But when I figure it out, I'll be sure to post.
Well I hope that you all have a wonderful week, I know I will with Dave Matthews coming on Wednesday!
Be Well xx Rachael

STRETSIS S/S 09 Collection

??? Dress, Nine West Shoes, KJL Bangle

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to Tennessee

Well I'm blogging from Religion class right now.. I know, sneaky. I had to upload pictures from my camera during class too so basically I'm a pro at not paying attention. Anywayssss..... Hope everyone had a fab Easter. Me and Emily went to Hilton Head Island for a little beach and Lily Pulitzer time. We drove down with my mom on Thursday night (she got a speeding ticket) then me and Em drove home on Monday. Of course when we saw a sign in Lumberton for a Western Cowboy Shop RIGHT OFF THE HIGHWAY, we had to stop. The owner greeted us with a friendly, "Hey Cowgirls" and helped direct Emily to her first pair of Cowboy boots. Thank God, now she can stop wearing mine!!
So yesterday I woke up all early and everything to go to class and what happened...? It was CANCELED. Ugh made me so mad, I could of been at the beach for an extra day! It monsooned here yesterday as well which sent me and Em to the movies to see Fast and Furious. We already say the Hannah Montana movie and LOVED IT.... ah it only confirmed my thoughts of moving to Tennessee the DAY AFTER graduation. Now I think I have Emily on board with me. But anyways.. yesterday was dull overall. Pretty much this whole week is supposed to be uneventful until Saturday when it's supposed to be 78 outside. YAYYYY!!!!!
I hope everyone is having a great HUMP DAY!!
Be Well! xxRachael

Sorry for the "myspace" type pictures but it's all I could do yesterday. Wearing a Juicy dress, Lux Grey Sweater, Leopard Print Skinny Belt from J.Crew, and Vintage Cowboy Boots. Jewelry: Earrings by Moon and Lola, Massive Orange ring KJL, Bangles (back to front) KJL, No name from Charlottes, Vintage

Me and Emily in Hilton Head on Easter Sunday wearing our Lily dresses.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mandolin Rain

It's been a while since I posted last. I'm sorry... things have been CRAZY. So I'll do a quick update... Reader's Digest Style. School=Hard. Classes are winding down (Less than a month left!!!) And teachers LOVE to give you lots of exams all the same day. Then the weekend consisted of birthday parties for a friend, a little outside shopping where I bought an AH-MAY-ZING pair of Frye sandals (picture below) then on to my brother's school play. It was their rendition of Music Man. Then on the the Farmhouse for a little chill music and some Final Four action. On Sunday I played around with some crafts and made this bracelet with the bow. It's seersucker.. blue and yellow and frayed on the edges. I'm currently obsessed with it. I made two... both just practices. Me and the rooms (Emily) make headbands with vintage adornments. Our company is Olde Alice. Very appropriate since we are both obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. Emily is taking pictures of the headbands real soon and when she does, I'll post some pictures. Email me if you're interested in them.. they are all for sale. And i guess the bracelets are as well.


Farmhouse Band

Frye Sandals

Well I hope everyone is getting all pumped for Easter!!!!
Be Well!
xx Rachael