Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I will do anything right now to avoid writing my Religion Final. And I mean ANYTHING. I've relocated writing places, facebooked, texted, and still, I only have three paragraphs. Good job, Rach, good job. So I thought I might do a band plug here.. Along with being completely obsessed with fashion, I'm also totally into music. So much so, I got my iTunes privileges taken away earlier this year.. yeah, it was bad. But the band I'm choosing to tell you all about right now is Ugly Casanova. I picked them because I feel like probably not a lot of yall have heard about them and I feel I need to broaden my reader's (all 3 of you) horizons. So Ugly Casanova.. The lead singer is also a member of Modest Mouse. He started the band and use to sneak around playing small shows. The band got signed by SubPop and since then it's been magic. The nature of their music is more raw than Modest Mouse, something you would picture being played in the background of a druggie's life. So if you're into the type of thing that isn't average, music that speaks to people, or just someone making art for themselves, then this is probably for you. Who knows, just give them a try and see if you like it.. Don't worry I won't be offended if you don't. That's the beauty of art.

Tracks to check out: Barnacles, Cat Faces, Parasites

Be Well! xxRachael

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