Tuesday, March 24, 2009

L.E.S. Artistes

Over Christmas break I was asked to make a masquerade mask for the Diabetes Association Gala that would be held in February at the Duke Washington Inn, in Durham. I was pretty excited about this opportunity, especially since Nicholas Sparks would be signing my mask. I chose a Nights in Rodanthe theme and named the mask Adrienne. When I got back to school I turned my mask in to the head of the Fashion Department (my dear friend Dr. Ellis) and she was so excited and proud that there on the spot she handed me another. She told me I had free range and that Alexander Julian (a menswear designer out of Chapel Hill) would be signing it. So I thought for weeks and probably dissembled the mask three times before I was happy with the final product. Well she loved that one as well. Alexander loved it. I loved it. The time comes for the Gala and mine were auctioned off for $250 and $150. All the proceeds went to ADA and everyone was very excited. I told Dr. Ellis I would be more than happy to do a mask for her the following year and she said she would remember me. So today when after my Visual Merchandising class she asked me to do another mask for next year. I was thinking to myself this is quite a bit earlier than the previous year but sure I would love to. She then mentioned I would be making the mask ELLIE SAAB would be signing. I stood frozen with my mouth wide open. ELLIE SAAB?!?!??!?!?!??! Oh. MY. GOODNESS. So for all you other fashion junkies, please revel with me in this moment. My own mother, who I called screaming said, "Oh that's nice, who is Ellie Saab?" I could of killed her. Joking, but it kinda brought me down a few levels when she couldn't relate who this master of all evening wear was.

Below I have included pictures of the masks from this past year... Nicholas Sparks and Alexander Julian. If you have any suggestions as to what the Ellie Saab should look like, I would love to hear them!!

The Blue Mask is for Nights.. It's covered in sand then has moss, sea glass, shells, coconuts, and various crystals. At the top is a crete paper flower, and various feathers. On the sides are cascading ribbons.

The Pink Mask is for Alexander. It is covered in tissue paper at the bottom and Styrofoam flowers. There are crystals, rosettes, vintage broaches, and broken china pieces on it. The top has a cluster of feathers, and a paper painted flower.

Be Well!! xxRachael

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