Monday, March 23, 2009

Our First Dance

I've recently become a bit of a blog loving FREAK. I have about 10 blogs I MUST read religiously, and believe me, I check them multiple times a day. So with this new fascination regarding what other Fashion Junkies were seeing and writing about, I became a little jealous. I thought to myself, I could so do this... So the past few weeks I have been researching what kinds of blogs are popular, what are these people posting about, and what makes them stand out. I realized through my research that there just aren't blogs about Southern Fashion out there. I mean I'm sure there are, but I just couldn't find any. I love all things avant garde and ridiculous but sometimes I find myself saying "Raleigh is not ready for that". Now don't get me wrong, I am an envelope pusher. Frequently people question my fashion statements because they are just that: statements. Therefore my mission here is showing my fellow Southeners some things they wouldn't necessarily pick out or put together. I want to broaden your horizons. If you don't like it, that's straight.

Here are the Five Things that currently I don't think I can live without:

1. Locavore Nail Polish from Rescue Beauty Lounge... I ordered this the other day from the website and I never want to take it off. I'm known at the Nail Salon as the grown up girl that likes the little girl colors. But this perfect mix of green gold and purple GLITTER is just not something I can say no to... Ever.

2. The New KJL Accessories... specifically these three items. KJL has always been a fav- especially since my roomie works at a boutique where they carry KJL, I get to cash in on her discount (!!!) But they have really stepped things up. I see them taking this new bohemian direction with some of their pieces for Spring and I could not be a bigger fan. I must order all of these pieces as soon as I recover from my last trip to Nordstrom.

3. I've never really been a huge fan of orange but recently it's been growing on me. Maybe my days at the tanning bed are paying off, so the color doesn't look absolutely disgusting on me, but I can see the two of us quickly becoming friends. I feel l need to add this Metallic Silk Mini from J.Crew to my Spring Wardrobe.

4. Maybe it's my latest craze about Friday Night Lights (the TV show) or the fact that I've really been craving Dallas lately, but All Things Texas makes the list currently. I just want every day to emulate the Texan style. Everything from the BIG BLONDE HAIR to the Cowboy boots, I feel like I must do. Maybe I'm really just waiting for Tim Riggins to step out of my TV and tell me how cute I look in my dress. (Lucky Lila Garady)

5. Marc Jacobs Purple and Gold 'Mackenzie' Quilted Bag. I first saw this bag when I was looking through the new Nordstrom catalog and instantly I want want want it. It's rediculous, obnoxious, and way too expensive for my poor college student budget, but I long for it. It's unpredictable. And I really don't see that many people willing to put the absolute unconditional love into it that I would. That makes me want it more. And I guess it does support those Pirates....

Well that's all for now.. But I look forward to updating!!!
Be Well xxRachael

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